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Welcome to Alfestco, the most heart-warming creator and seller of Festival Gifts!
Our Story

We started from a small idea, one Christmas, a little hand made hat to be precise, just for the fun of it. A child loved it, put it on, and was brimming with a wide smile from left cheek to right. We made a couple more hats, and soon we had a roomful of people with wide smiles and effusive laughter. That experience struck us. Little festival gifts warm hearts in this busy world of ours. In the right context, it brings joy, pride, hope and laughter. And this is how Alfestco was formed, to create the right context for these little festival gifts to illuminate our lives. The right context of design, manufacture and sales, and community sharing. Our people enjoy the work, our customers enjoy our products, and our communities benefit from donations that we regularly carve out from our profits. Festivals are celebrated by communities. With Alfestco, festivals are also celebrated for communities. Join us.

To-do List -14 December 2017-
  • Support and buy the Little Christmas Hat Project 2017!
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  • Design a new heart-warming festival gift, and we will help you make it into reality!
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