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About Alfestco, the most heart-warming creator and seller of Festival Gifts!
Our Vision

Alfestco aims to be the most heart-warming creator and seller of Festival Gifts. Being the most heart-warming means our gifts will bring laughter and joy to the people who make them, sell them and buy them. Alfestco believes in self reliance before doing good, and aims to create a financially regenerative business system that channels at least 25% of project profits back into every society that they operate in. We aim to have a representation in every major city of the world, and to be a profitable company with the resources, heart and soul to help the societies that we operate in.
Our Name

Alfestco stands for "All Festival Company", and embodies our business of creating warm and interesting festival gifts for different cities. The name has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? We have placed a heart in the O in Alfestco to remind everyone in the company to do everything from the heart, from gift design and selection to manufacturing, distribution and sales. Every Alfestco project will be a heartwarming one.
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